January 2017 Club Agenda

Welcome to 2017 everyone. We have a lot of exciting things in store for 2017. We will be much more focused on training this year with an eye toward ARES and CERT as both organizations work to focus on the mission and being able to get the job done when call upon. I know the CERT guys are already on the minds of our city emergency manager, we have been told we are likely to see some deployments. In concert with that goal, and the goals of the Dept of Homeland Security, and the federal government, in order for us to remain a needed service in this nation it is important for us to train, and follow and practice the procedures that will be required during times of need, whether it is a disaster or simply working out at the parade. Our volunteers are needed, but in order to fill that need we have to be focused, determined, and well trained. There is no substitute for training.

I know it can be hard for some to get away, there are so many priorities in life as we are all aware. I hope that being a member of ARES, GIARS, and soon the Mid Nebraska Amateur Radio Club, becomes at least a small priority in your busy lives. It is not only needed by your ham community, but you are needed by the community at large, it could save your life or that of someone in your family. And besides all that mumbo jumbo, it will just plain ol fun.

This months Agenda:

  • Election of new officers, please note November monthly minutes
  • Training schedule for the year
  • Discussion of new technologies we will be using
  • Discussion of ICS, ICS Forms, and club incidents
  • Adopting the Emergency response plan in General
  • Adopting the New club Bylaws in General.
  • Creating the ARES sub committee/ Who wants to be ARES
  • News Letter good/bad/ugly?
  • Wood River location.
  • Bylaws for Mid Nebraska Amatuer Radio Club seen Here
  • Charter Seen Here

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