Attention Members, For Your Review

As many of you know there have been a few changes in the works. We have been working to combine the clubs under one flag, giving us the benefit of size, numbers, and non-profit status. Mike Mathews, President of the Hastings club, has put in a lot of work toward these ends. I have here a few documents for your review. Please comment now or forever hold your peace. These documents are stored in a dropbox account, if you want to make notes feel free to do so. We will make sure it gets back to those who need to know. Otherwise just comment on the post.

Articles of Incorporation

Bylaws of Midwest Amateur Radio Club 

Also, and maybe more importantly, We will be reaching out to all club members in the coming days to chat about some of the changes we have been doing and/or thinking about. We also want to update our Database on members, whether or not they want to participate in ARES activities and whether or not they want to have equipment on the list that can be volunteered. In the coming days there will be another post about ARES operating procedure, our interfacing with the EOC emergency operations. There will be many training opportunities and activities. 

4 thoughts on “Attention Members, For Your Review”

  1. Great work Dan. Years of effort finally becoming a reality. Much appreciate your hard work sir. You have undertaken a great movement.

    1. I hope so Jeremy, I am hoping we get some participation here, A lot of work has gone in too just this forum so we can get the word out and keep members involved. You can lead a horse to water but can’t make him drink!

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