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Region 26 Emergency Management Center

A few weeks ago a few of us went to Taylor Nebraska to meet up with the folks at the region 26 Emergency Management Center. we had a great conversation and got to see how they do thing out in the Nebraska Sandhills. While our EOC is quite busy by Nebraska standards, Region 26 has a huge geographical area to manage.

It was a huge learning experience, and was really neat that we were welcomed with open arms. We were asked for advice on comms, repeaters, and we learned a little about what they had available for us to use if we ever had to go up and help them set up some kind of comms to Grand Island or elsewhere.

Here are a few Photos Of the trip.:


It was a lot of Fun, Thanks to the crew of Region 26!

January 2017 Club Agenda

Welcome to 2017 everyone. We have a lot of exciting things in store for 2017. We will be much more focused on training this year with an eye toward ARES and CERT as both organizations work to focus on the mission and being able to get the job done when call upon. I know the CERT guys are already on the minds of our city emergency manager, we have been told we are likely to see some deployments. In concert with that goal, and the goals of the Dept of Homeland Security, and the federal government, in order for us to remain a needed service in this nation it is important for us to train, and follow and practice the procedures that will be required during times of need, whether it is a disaster or simply working out at the parade. Our volunteers are needed, but in order to fill that need we have to be focused, determined, and well trained. There is no substitute for training.

I know it can be hard for some to get away, there are so many priorities in life as we are all aware. I hope that being a member of ARES, GIARS, and soon the Mid Nebraska Amateur Radio Club, becomes at least a small priority in your busy lives. It is not only needed by your ham community, but you are needed by the community at large, it could save your life or that of someone in your family. And besides all that mumbo jumbo, it will just plain ol fun.

This months Agenda:

  • Election of new officers, please note November monthly minutes
  • Training schedule for the year
  • Discussion of new technologies we will be using
  • Discussion of ICS, ICS Forms, and club incidents
  • Adopting the Emergency response plan in General
  • Adopting the New club Bylaws in General.
  • Creating the ARES sub committee/ Who wants to be ARES
  • News Letter good/bad/ugly?
  • Wood River location.
  • Bylaws for Mid Nebraska Amatuer Radio Club seen Here
  • Charter Seen Here

It is a Disaster

At the October meeting we had an exercise to cause some discussion and help us understand just how bad things can be in a disaster. It was a lot of fun and I think we learned just how unprepared we all really are. After the discussion we decided that we would keep doing this and I hope that others will come to the meeting because This was fun, and the more people who are here the funner it will be. Exercise as follows:

***** THIS IS A DRILL ****** THIS IS A DRILL *******

Internet/Cellular Phone/Communications Exercise Your community has just been hit by a disaster — The following conditions now exist: No commercial power will be available for 72 hours. 60% of the power line infrastructure is down. 60% of all radio towers are out of service for 72 hours, with all antennas at a 45 degree angle from normal in the city from North to South. The trunking systems are all out of service – totally.

Land line telephone service is lost to 60% of the community. The cellular telephone system is overloaded, and it takes two hours to get a connection, and then you are limited to using the service for 3 minutes.

***** THIS IS A DRILL ****** THIS IS A DRILL *******

All city, county and state radio networks are reduced to 20% of their normal capacity. Cable TV systems and satellite TV services are completely out of service with no commercial power available. All internet service providers are down and out of service. All internet telephone service is down. 25% of the fire, police and EMS equipment is destroyed. No gasoline or diesel is available from any underground storage tanks, and the local government has taken over all overhead fuel storage tanks for their use. If you can demonstrate to them that your use will support the recovery effort you may be able to secure a limited amount of 5 gallons of fuel.

***** THIS IS A DRILL ****** THIS IS A DRILL *******

You have planned ahead and have an emergency gasoline powered generator to power your radio equipment, your generator uses 0.7 gallons of fuel per hour of operation. How much fuel do you have on hand (this may include your automobiles fuel tanks, if you have a way to get the fuel out)? You have; _____ gallons of fuel, and can operate your generator for _____ hours. If you use your automobile to charge your batteries, the fuel consumption will be MUCH higher.

Do you have food for 72 hours for all members of your household? An MRE will feed two average persons per meal – 1200 calories each. Do you have five or ten gallons of drinking water? Tomorrow was your day to replenish your supply.

Do you have a way to keep warm during cold weather, bed rolls, blankets, fireplace, gas or charcoal grill (for cooking as well)?

***** THIS IS A DRILL ****** THIS IS A DRILL *******

With the loss of 60% of the radio towers we have lost a great deal of homes and many people will require shelter. Is emergency shelter available for 60% of the population and can you access your camping gear, if it did not get destroyed with your house? Are you prepared to not just survive, but can you help for distances in excess of 40 miles? Do you have emergency radios, both local(FM and HF? Do you have spare/portable antennas, tools, etc.?

For now amateur radio provides the only communications link within the community and to the outside world. How do you intend to help our served agencies, EOC’s, hospitals, health and welfare, emergency shelters, disaster support agencies and provide local media outlets with emergency information for the public?

Your radio tower was damaged, your home lost 40% of the roof. Do you have an emergency antenna support?

Do you have a 30 watt or higher power mobile unit installed in your automobile? If this unit has not been used in the last 7 days, count it as out of service.

***** THIS IS A DRILL ****** THIS IS A DRILL *******

Would you need to go to the local store to purchase (they will all be out of everything in one hour, if not currently destroyed) food, water, batteries, gasoline (none available), bed rolls, parts for replacement antennas? If you are using any portable radio (including cell phones) that transmits, do you have an alkaline/Ni-MH battery pack, with spare batteries? If not, count that radio out of service after 4 hours of use.

If your rechargeable battery pack was not charged in the last 72 hours count that battery pack as out of service. If you have not used that portable radio in the last 7 days count it as out of service.

Do you have an HF radio, including portable antenna and emergency power source, that was operated in the last 7 days? If not, count it as out of service.

All amateur repeaters are presently out of service. Can you communicate without their use on a simplex frequency, and do you know which one to use? *****


This short scenario can be used to judge how prepared you are and help you determine what you need to do to get prepared.