Echolink Enabled Repeater 444.750

As many of you know there has been an Echolink enabled repeater in the area for some time now. Over the Christmas Holiday and all the way thru now there has been a considerable amount of time put in to the underlying mechanics, the computer system. Echolink is standard windows program, which is an easily operated point and click operation, but as with anything windows is not stable long term, in other words it works great until enough time goes by then it doesn’t. So as with everything else in my shack I switched it over to a Linux based program. In the case of Echolink, the program I use is SVXLink. Over this long period, I have learned much about configuring this program and right along with it how to work in Linux, it was one of the best learning experiences I have had with the computer. 

SVXLink is a very powerful piece of software, not only can it do Echolink, it can act as a repeater controller, a cross band link if needed, a weather machine, it will do a lot. Right now, it serves to link the 444.750 machine to the Nebraska Hub. The Nebraska hub has been a growing network of Nebraska linked repeaters. The link is established thru the KD0PGV link, which unfortunately at the time of this writing is down for repairs, but for the better part of a year it has been flawless. Should be back linked soon we hope. In the mean time I wanted to write a piece that gives instructions on how to link with other machines. SVXLink has a little different way of doing things than the standard Echolink software.

I will just give the codes here and what they do:

* SVXLink Status

1# Link Status

# Disconnect

If you have to deactivate the Echolink module you can re-connect by dialing 2#

If the Echolink Module is not loaded it will not recognize your commands.

For any node, enter the node number followed by the # key. Shortcuts to favorite destinations follows. If you have a favorite Echolink node that you want a shortcut added for then let us know and it can be added.

D1# Nebraska Hub – Non Operational 

D2# kr1sto North platte

D3# N0IQ North platte

D4# WB0WLY Omaha area Linked repeaters

D5# Crossroads reflector

D6# Dodropin reflector

D7# Hi-Gate reflector

D8# Handiham reflector

D9# open

D10# kd0an

D11# kc0swg

D12# kd0efc

D13# Michigan – These people are a bit of a bunch of jackasses, so no kerchunking or anything out of the ordinary please. And if anyone connects here and hears something that should not be there please report it to the Sysop.

D14# World reflector

D15# USA

D16# KC0EQA – Hastings, NE – Possibly connected to the Allstar Network

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