November 2016 Minutes

Recording of the November 2017 Meeting

  • Mike Mathews advocated for the combines club bylaws and the advantages of the 501 3(c) and how we could bring other repeaters into the system.
  • Nebraska QSO Party April 22nd and 23rd 150th anniversary operating from historical locations sites important to Nebraska History like Brian’s Birthplace
  • 21 paid members most of which never show up.
  • Reading of the treasurers report motion accepted
  • Nominating of officers,
    • President- Daniel Bergman N0DND
    • Vice President – Jeremy Smith KC0NUK
    • Treasurer – Jay Rasmussen wx9r
    • Secretary – Open
  • Talked about Asking Brad to have his ham Training classes here in GI
  • Press Release?
  • When do you want to go look at centennial towers
  • Antennas at EOC, possibly need HF Radio.
  • Talk to Jon about antennas and HF Radio. Setting up on radio for digital and one for phone.
  • Talked about making a goal of having our own club house
  • Wondered why whoever is responsible for D-Star is not wanting to maintain system, does not currently operate correctly, Some issue with gateway. Maybe talk to jon?
  • Training on knowing your radio
  • Meeting Adjourned

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