Meeting Minutes January 2017

Sorry guys it has taken this long to post this stuff, But been busy with a project, like an itch it just couldn’t sit on the back burner. So here is the first minutes of the 2017 year. We had a great and productive meeting.

  • Officers were Elected for the 2017 Year, President: Dan Bergman N0DND, Vice President  Jeremy Smith, Kc0nuk, Treasurer Jay Rasmussen WX9R, And Secretary Still open looking for volunteers.
  • The ARES Emergency Response Plan was voted on and approved by the club.
  • The Bylaws for the Mid Nebraska Amateur radio club, hereafter referred to as MARC voted on and approved.
  • In theory we agreed to see if we could obtain the old City hall building and Dan agreed to write the proposal which Brian agreed to Present to Wood River, to be used as a comm center and training facility.
  •  Jeremy talked about a field trip to the region 26 Emergency management Center
  • It was discussed and agreed that due to an increase in costs, and having to now give a share of our dues to MARC that we would raise our dues to 25.00 A month.
  • We discussed training and ARES, Our first goal would be to get everyone VE tested so we can have plenty of volunteers to train and test new recruits

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