Moved the Shack (and the family)

Well it has been a very busy year for me this year. Besides the 12 hour work days I have had to endure, we were able to spend a lot of the summer on the boat on the lake learning how to fish, which is something I would probably be doing right now if it were not for the fact I uprooted my family, and the shack and moved across town. Now that the kids have grown up and are well on there way to starting there own lives in there own locations, me and Deb have decided to up-size. I now have a location that is very friendly to ham radio in so many ways.

One of the great things about moving is when you start to plan out your new shack you can do just about anything you want to do, the only limits being space and time. I am very lucky in that I was able to commandeer a whole room area about the size of two walk in closets that was both completely empty, had the power distribution box conveniently located, and where my antenna cables can easily go right out the foundation with the addition of a few holes.

As you can see the shack is coming together quite nicely. While I wish I could have spent more time on Ham radio, it has not been a bad year.

I hope to see you all on the air, we hold a little round table net starting about 5am on the 94 repeater on most week day mornings, all are welcome. See you there….N0DND

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