GIARS ARES Emergency Communications Plan-Draft

We finally have a draft plan of a formal Emergency Communications plan. There are a few things left to tweak like an organizational chart and our working with CERT. But it is a workable draft and so it is at this location for your review.

Grand Island Amateur Radio Society ARES Emergency Communications Plan

Some of the important fact are:

  • Responsibilities of the DEC, EC, and Assistants
  • Training and credentialing requirements
  • Response responsibilities
  • Addition of trained Ready response Teams
  • Repeater and net Use
  • Volunteer acceptance

There will probably be some editing as time goes on and I receive comments. this plan will be submitted to the Emergency Management office on 12/13/2017

This is just a first step, there are many more to go.

The Goal is to have at least one, hopefully more, Ready response teams trained and ready to go by the end of 2017. This isn’t much time to pass, plan and recruit and ultimately train so it will probably require a little more intense participation. In this Spirit, We have recruited Joe Hayes, KB9TBX to coordinate training and credentialing. He is already experience at training, he is a VE, a firearms instructor for the state and who knows what else! He is also very good with comms. We have a few other guys very good at this as well. So we are going to put these guys to work.

Let me know what you think?

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