Project Night

A few of us have discussed it from time to time but have never really done anything about it until now. I am happy to announce the as a club we voted and approved what we will call project night. This is a night we can get together and practice the art of ham radio either by building something, experimenting with something, or we can even just meet up and operate our station. There are a lot of things we can do with this night. What we really haven’t done however is decide when, where, or what we want to do. So, for those interested, send me an email @mycall at Once I have an idea of participants we will decide on time, location, and project. I thought we might set up another Facebook group just for collaboration on projects. If you all think this is good lets hear about it. We could also set up a sked to meeet up on the radio.

I feel like this is a great opportunity to get to know one another better, learn each others strengths , and probably make fun of the weaknesses hihi. Anyway it would be good to see a lot of you in a different environment. I hope to see you all wanting to participate.



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