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Shifting from Summer to Club Activities

The long summer is nearing an end, and with it the family activities that keeps many of us from the hobby. But with the return of school, fall, and finally the cold winter we once again have time for the hobby. With the change in seasons comes a few opportunities to spend time with friends old and new. In late August there is an opportunity to volunteer to work at the state fair. Some have asked what we do there. Well there is no set in stone formula, we kind of go where we are needed. Sometimes we just walk around chatting with other Hams, just being available and visible in case someone needs help medically or if a loved one has become lost. We have been very successful in the past re-uniting parents and children, and adult children with lost parents. We have also helped a few people who have become ill get help, or just a drink of water and shade if that is all that is needed. This is one of the last warm weather events we participate in. and it is a great time to make new friends or spend time with old ones.

October 1st is Harvest of Harmony. Yes it can be a chilly experience, but it goes well with coffee and rolls and an afternoon of football. Another opportunity to spend time with friends and a great opportunity to put your communication skills to use. Our Radio communications can be an important part of bring the Parade to the public, the tv stations make good use of our information and at times we can be an important part of staging and judging the Parade.

Also, as Summer winds down there are things that always need attention, the club equipment needs attention, we draw closer to officer elections, and as some of you know we are going to begin crafting a new club structure with our sister clubs in the area. We also have decided to have a project night, those who are interested in this we will probably start with a meeting at a resturant to plan out our time and decide what we want to do, and of course as it is with any endeavour, we need a leader, so we will probably get these things sorted out.

Well I have enough on the plate for now, don’t forget to follow the link and volunteer for the fair. Look forward to seeing you all there.