License training oportunities

So I recieved this letter from the Brad, both a member of GIARS and also the Hastings club. They are trying to put together some oportunities for  License training and he is trying to see if there is any interest and if so how much. I wanted to post on our site to give people a heads up and make sure the word gets out. If you are interested in upgrading this may be your chance to do exactly that.


“I am trying to gauge the need/support of License Training Sessions in the

area.  If you would like to take a training session email me back and let

me know which exam.  It will either be Tech., General or Extra.


We will be doing this on a night every week for between 4 and 8 weeks

depending on what we decide and which test we are training for.  Extra will

take more time because it is a “larger” test.  I am just now thinking about

doing this so I don’t have an exact timeframe yet.  If you have a night

that will not work for you let me know also.  I can’t guarantee that we can

accommodate everyone but we can try.


Also if you get this email and are interest in helping with training or

have tips or suggestions let me know.


I am also interested in hearing from area hams not in the Hastings Club or

people that are primarily living in a location outside of the ARAN area.  I

would like to know if there is interest from other area clubs on doing

training or working together to provide training.  I can’t say for sure

that WE can provide training outside of Hastings but I want to leave the

door open for cooperation so we can license as many hams in the area as



Brad KD0JCP”


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