October 2016 Minutes

In Attendance:

Dan Bergman N0DND

Jeremy Smith kc0nuk

Gene Hornung wb0pkp

Jay Rasmussen nx9r

Jaden Smith Visitor

Perry Haake kb0ifm

Darlene Haake Visitor

Stan Coleman n0yxv

Rachelle Lipker Special Guest

  • Introduced Michelle Lipker, the new Executive director of the Red Cross to the club
  • Voted on not having Meeting in December, officers will be nominated in November and voted on in January
  • A quick recap on the club joining. Mike Mathews, President of hastings club, is working on bylaws now and will let us when He gets them written.
  • Discussed once again how to get topics on the Agenda
  • Recap of Harvest of Harmony, Auxcom training, and jeremy gave a short synopsis on the Presentation to the walnut middle school science club.
  • Dan passed on to club CERT members Jon was thinking of a 10 hour a year Minimum
  • Dan gave a Training Scenario that began a lot of discussion on how we would and should prepare for a disaster.
  • Adjourned for the evening

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